Jan van Lieshout
founder - creative director

‘I still get goosebumps when an idea evolves into a mature plan, and the filmed footage comes to live when we set the first images in the editing to music.’

As editor-in-chief, director, news reporter, creative and format developer, Jan has been making primetime tv-programs and series for national broadcasters and high-end production companies for over 15 years.

Under the label Peace, No Peas Productions he develops and produces branded content for various clients.

Peace, No Peas invents, teams up, creates.

We are up for anything, but we excel with in-depth stories that matter. A documentary to move, a brand story to inspire, a series to laugh, an on-demand platform about art & culture to learn, an animation to better understand, a hard-hitting feature length film to provoke debate, a crime podcast to shudder, travel stories to dream away, satirical shock-docs to confuse or an event about new technology to marvel.

It gives us 'peace of mind' to translate your ambition into  quality content.

Peace, No Peas Productions develops and creates branded media productions with a good story.

To us each story is a search for new perspective on the present, past and future. Active and visual content. From script to screening. Quality storytelling.